This is the personal web site of Jim Murray.

I am semi-retired.

I have been programming for a number of years lately in C# but previously in VB6, VB.NET, C++, C, Java.
I have used Visual Studio LINQ.
I have used the database architecture of MySql, SQL Server, and MSACCESS.
I have developed web pages utilizing HTML, ASP.NET, Javascript and CSS.
I have developed both consumers and providers of web services.

I am available now.
My rate is negotiable.
With of the availability of teleconferencing, I work telecommute.


I started programming using the assembly language of whatever machine I was targeting, Honeywell, Univac, IBM, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Intel, etc. I have programmed from mainframes to 8-bit controllers.
I was introduced to 'C' in the 1970's and to C# in 2000. I have used Visual Basic but I prefer C# because of the conciseness of the C# language.
I have also programmed SAP enterprise systems using the ABAP language but I don't want to re-visit that.
C# and DOT_NET are my 'weapons of choice'. Of course that confines me to the MS Windows world but I can live with that.


The main difference between using an sql server database and a MySql database is in the dot-net support referenced.

MSSQL has an advantage in that LINQ is supported natively and I use that in the 'workorder' demo whereas MySql / LINQ is supported via a third party package.
For MySql the reference is to 'System.Data.Odbc' whereas to use an MS-SQL database you reference 'System.Data.SqlClient'. The essence of using either database is in the SQL statements used and these are, for the most part, identical.
However, my preference is for MySql because it is ubiquitous, the logon credential options are much more straightforward than those of MS-SQL, and MySql has 'DESCRIBE' and 'SHOW' commands which in my opinion are superior to selecting from the meta-data tables.

The database used in the PHP page is MySql.
The database used in the workorder page is MS Sql Server.